New Zealand Grown Alpaca

Z Land embraces the premium New Zealand grown Alpaca, sourced from farms all around the country. Our Z Land Alpaca duvets also carry the New Zealand Made and New Zealand Grown certification.
Sourced exclusively from farms around New Zealand, Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic, odour and mildew resistant, and lighter than wool. Smooth fibres allow us to create a beautifully soft fleece that is 25% warmer than Sheep’s wool (our 400gsm Alpaca duvet is the equivalent of our 500gsm Wool Duvet). Alpaca also has amazing moisture-wicking properties which give it the ability to draw excess moisture away from the body to allow you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the night.

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Z Land Alpaca Duvet

The Benefits of Using Alpaca for Bedding Products

The fibres of Alpaca wool are extremely smooth, which allows for the creation of a fleece which softness often is compared to that of cashmere. Used for bedding, this creates a luxuriously soft and comfortable duvet or pillow without prickling.
Alpaca fibre is proven to be 25% warmer than sheep wool. The warmth is created by the tiny hollow areas within the centres of individual fibres that trap the warm air created through body heat and make sure that you stay warm in those cold winter nights.
The hollow structure of its fibres makes Alpaca also the lightest of all animal fibres, creating a bedding product that is extremely light and comfortable to lay under.
Breathability and Moisture Absorbency
Alpaca fibre has exceptional moisture wicking abilities. This means that the wool first absorbs the body moisture, keeping sweat away from the body and then slowly releases the moisture to the outside of the duvet into the air, allowing for you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the whole night, summer and winter. The wicking also keeps your duvet odor and mildew free, creating a healthier sleep environment.
Alpacas lack the natural body oils produced by most animals. This makes Alpaca products naturally non-allergenic.
Alpaca fibres are long and strong, which allows us to produce a product that will provide you with a great night’s sleep for a long time.
Alpaca's in field

Where in New Zealand does our Alpaca come from?

Below is a map of all the different locations where our Alpaca is sourced from.

Caring for your Alpaca Duvet

For optimum performance of your duvet, we recommend you air it for 1-2 days before use. Duvet is dry-clean only, and can not be machine washed. May be spot washed for small stains using minimal water. Further care instructions can be found on the care label of your duvet.

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All of our Alpaca Products are Buy NZ Made certified meaning you can be assured they're made in New Zealand, using New Zealand Grown Alpaca.
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