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Blankets Beyond Ordinary: Eiderdown's Goose Down Blanket Collection

by Lucas Mills 26 Feb 2024 0 Comments

The term "blanket" evokes thoughts of warmth and the comforting embrace of safety. Put that together with 'Eiderdown' a name synonymous with excellence in bedding, and you can expect to experience a new level of sleep luxury as they introduce you to their premium collection of   goose down blankets.

Why  Goose Down?

All blankets should provide warmth, at the very least, but Eiderdown's  goose down blankets do that and so much more. White goose down is renowned for its exceptional insulation properties and lightweight nature, making Eiderdown's blankets wonderfully warm without adding bulk, for a luxurious sleeping experience.

White goose down is much lighter, softer and plusher than other down types. Our blankets are made from 100% Responsible Down Standard down, which certifies down against animal welfare requirements and tracks it from farm to final product. You can sleep easy knowing that best practices have been used in the creation of your new blanket.

Elegant Variety: Blankets in a Spectrum of Colours

Eiderdown's goose-down blanket collection is a celebration of elegance in shades to suit any decor. From calming neutrals to vibrant hues, the extensive range of colours lets you luxuriate in warmth in a tone that integrates into the style and decor of your bedroom or lounge room. For a classic, sophisticated look, River Stone is a light grey inspired by the stones that form in rivers around the Southern Alps. Autumn Gold is a rich, golden yellow, inspired by Autumn leaves, and is perfect for a warm rustic look. There are also linen pillowcases available to match.

Crafting Luxury: The Manufacturing Process

Starting with sourcing high-quality goose down, crafting an Eiderdown goose down blanket is a meticulous process. Made using the baffled box style construction ensures the down stays in place for continuous comfort. The cover is a soft 290 thread count cotton outer, with a Linen Cotton blend edging.

From the selection of the finest down to the precision of stitching, each blanket is a masterpiece that reflects Eiderdown's unwavering dedication to offering only exceptional products.

Versatility and Comfort 

One reason customers love Eiderdown's goose down blankets is their versatility. Designed to cater to various climates, these blankets adapt effortlessly to different sleeping preferences. Whether you're experiencing a chilly winter night or a mild summer evening, our blankets provide the perfect balance of warmth and breathability for a comfortable night's sleep year-round.

Lightweight and good looking, in a range of colours, Eiderdown's goose-down blankets are also ideal to have on hand for a relaxing evening on the couch.

Customer Satisfaction

Eiderdown loves nothing more than to delight our customers. Our goose down blankets are doing just that all over the country.

Yvonne J loves her "Beautiful blanket. Very warm and light. Colour is exactly as described on site and very generous sizing. Have since purchased a second blanket. Excellent delivery service, and well packaged."

Eiderdown would love to elevate your bedding experience, too. Embrace the warmth of white goose down and enjoy the comfort, elegance, and craftsmanship that define each blanket at Eiderdown.
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