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How To Stay Warmer In Bed | Eiderdown

by Sprocket Digital 02 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Now that the colder months are in full swing, nights are getting chilly, and with Winter here, it’s only going to get colder. New Zealand can get pretty brisk throughout the middle of the year and our homes aren’t known for being the warmest, so what can you do to keep warm at night over the coming months? Our team of passionate staff put their heads together to come up with a list of ways to keep you cosy.



Improving the insulation in your home is an obvious way to have a warmer home. Besides spending thousands of dollars on installing double-glazing and other things, what can you do to improve insulation for free? Simple adjustments to your home can help. One tip is to let the sunlight stream in through the windows and as soon as the sun goes down, shut your blinds or curtains to keep the heat in.

Heat Pump:

Installing a unit in your home can help achieve the desired room temperature - but this comes at a cost. Apart from the hefty price of installation, you could see increased energy costs and the heat pump will likely be too noisy to sleep with.

Windows and Doors:

You can better manage the temperature in your home by keeping doors closed and remembering to shut your windows. Keeping on top of this can make a big difference in trapping the heat in your house rather than allowing it to escape. Especially at night!


Goose Down:

Hungarian goose down is the premium choice for filling duvets. Made with 90% Hungarian goose down, our NZ-made winter weight duvet is stuffed with large, pure white down clusters making it the lightest, warmest, and loftiest duvet available today. Stay warm all night long.

Duck Down:

For a high-quality alternative, sleep under a winter weight duvet of Hungarian duck down. The 80% Hungarian Duck Down Winter Weight Duvet inner is a great option for winter. The high down percentage allows for a large amount of air to be trapped and ensures that you will stay warm during cold winter nights.


Smooth fibres allow a beautifully soft fleece that is 25% warmer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca also has amazing moisture-wicking properties which give it the ability to draw excess moisture away from the body to allow you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the night.

Get in touch with us today for more information about the right products for you.

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