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How to Wash Down, Alpaca Fibre and 100% Wool Duvets

by Lucas Mills 30 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Investing in Eiderdown’s premium quality duvets adds a newfound level of comfort and luxury to your nightly sleep. If you’re considering investing in a new duvet, are a first-time buyer of a down duvet or need a little advice on washing and drying your Eiderdown duvet, read our complete guide below.


Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

  • Spot cleaning: For small stains or spills, use a mild detergent or gentle soap with a clean cloth. Gently dab the affected area and avoid rubbing or scrubbing vigorously.
  • Full clean: Hungarian Goose Down Duvets can be machine washed on a gentle cycle for a thorough wash. Eiderdown recommends they are then dried in a commercially sized dryer with tennis balls to maximise the loft and fluff level of your duvet.


Hungarian Duck Down Duvets

  • Spot Cleaning: If you encounter small stains or spills, opt for a mild detergent or gentle soap along with a clean cloth. Carefully dab the affected area, refraining from vigorous rubbing or scrubbing.
  • Drying: All our down products (Hungarian Goose/Hungarian Duck) can be washed on a gentle cycle, and dried in a large scale tumble dryer with the help of a few tennis balls. Drying your duvet thoroughly is essential.


Alpaca Fibre Duvets

  • Spot cleaning: Treat stains promptly by gently blotting the affected area using minimal water.
  • Dry-clean only: Duvet is dry-clean only, and can not be machine washed. For optimum performance of your duvet, we recommend you air it for 1-2 days before use. Further care instructions can be found on the care label of your duvet.


100% New Zealand Wool Duvets

  • Spot cleaning: Spot clean our soft wool-filled duvets with a clean damp cloth, blotting the stained area with mild soap.
  • Cleaning: Our Wool Duvets are now fully machine washable and can also be dried in a drier, only on a low setting using commercial washing machines and driers for larger sizes. Excess heat can damage this product and should be avoided Regularly air outside for longevity and optimal use.


A little care and maintenance can be essential in expanding the lifespan of your luxury bedding. Whether it's Hungarian Goose Down, Hungarian Duck Down, Alpaca Fibre, or 100% New Zealand Wool, following the Eiderdown recommended cleaning methods will help ensure their longevity and preserve their exquisite quality. Reach out today for more information and advice.

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