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The luxury of ethical Hungarian Down

by Lucas Mills 17 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Hungarian down is famous for being the most luxurious fill product on the market thanks to its thermal qualities and softness. It is widely regarded as the best duvet filling providing natural insulation, breathability and comfort. We stock both Hungarian goose down and duck down. Let us run you through the differences between the two.

Why Hungarian?

Firstly, why do we use Hungarian down? Well, first and foremost: it is the best. The country is known for its geese, especially, and has been for centuries. With Hungary’s cold winters, it is the ideal place for birds to grow thick down and feather. Bigger, thicker feathers mean fluffier pillows and duvets. 

Goose Down

In the second half of the 20th century, the goose down industry became industrialised and there are now approximately 5 million breeding geese in the country with females producing around 50 offspring per year. Down is procured in a humane manner. Our products don’t use farms that raise goose primarily for the purpose of sourcing goose down and it isn’t acquired from live birds, it’s all done very ethically. Learn more about this below. The big difference with Hungarian geese is their sheer size. They are naturally twice the size of other types of geese and have bright white feathers due to the long hours of sunshine Hungary receives. 

Duck Down

Duck down is a premium quality alternative with great insulation and ventilation properties. Compared to other duck breeds, the body weight and size of the Hungarian variation is larger making for large fluffy feathers. Although goose down is looked at as superior to duck down, it is still a great choice for premium down bedding. Both retain their shape and form over time.

Now you have a better idea of which to choose for you, why should you use Eiderdown for your pillow and duvet filling? We are the only bedding company in New Zealand to be RDS certified and use the HDTS system. The Responsible Down Standard Certified certification means it meets the highest global standard for the ethical sourcing of down and feathers. We get audited annually by the European agency for RDS to maintain this. Whilst the Hungarian Down Traceability System allows you to deeply understand information about the product you have purchased by simply scanning your unique QR Code. You can find out exactly where it comes from, benefits associated with the down you’ve chosen and more.

Contact us today to find out more about Hungarian Down and purchase the most comfortable bedding you can get your hands on. 

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