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What does togs mean?

by Sprocket Digital 26 May 2022 0 Comments

Duvets: What does togs mean?

It’s common for consumers to be dazed and confused by the terminology used around duvets and bedding. Companies sometimes use sales language to make their product seem superior to other brands but there are some universal ways to ensure you choose the right duvet for you. Take Eiderdown for example, on each product we succinctly outline all the information you need, from the size of the duvet (including exact measurements) to the % of filling used, cover thread count and where our sustainably sourced materials are from. This way, when you buy an Eiderdown product, you aren’t in the dark until before midnight when you settle down for the best sleep of your life.

One term you may come across when shopping for duvets is the word ‘tog’. This is a measurement of thermal insulation of a unit area, most often for duvets and carpet underlay.

This doesn’t describe the quality or weight of a duvet. Instead, it describes how well the duvet holds warmth. Tog ratings are a UK standard of measurement and not one commonly used in New Zealand. At Eiderdown, instead of using this system, we choose to provide more in depth information about our products so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a duvet through us.

How do duvets keep you warm?
They provide a layer of insulation which helps to trap your body warmth in under the duvet. This means the temperature under your duvet will be warmer than the surrounding room temperature, keeping you warm in your sleep. This is necessary because your body temperature drops when you sleep. Your lower resting heart rate means your body cools when you sleep which is why a duvet is needed in all weather, especially in winter.

What is the best duvet filling?
There is one duvet filling that is levels above the rest. Hungarian Goose Down is famed for its unique quality. Because of the Hungarian climate, their geese, which are naturally twice the size of other types of geese, grow thick down and feather which is soft and perfect for filling duvets and pillows.

So, before waking life you can dream about the perfect duvet for you using this guide to finding the best products. Consider the season, your sleeping environment, the filling and what type of sleeper you are.

Get in touch with us today for more information about the right products for you.

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